The F8 Club is a new and innovative NFT project. F8 drops are comprised of a unique fusion of high-quality art, creative gaming, and diverse utilities, which make our club stand out from anything ever seen before in the NFT space.


WELCOME TO THE F8 CLUB - the club that grew so big and fast it was invaded by exterior bots to stop orders of our NFTs!

Firstly, we sold out our presale and the floor price doubled in one day! Then, in the midst of our social media takeover, we sold 1300 units in 30 seconds until we became under cyber attack! But our bots are clever, we halted the mint and enhanced the logistics, making our club even more exclusive!

Our F8 Club world is built with the future in mind, with a P2E 2D game already in the making for all NFT holders to earn $F8TE coin. We even have future proof tokenomics for all holders to benefit from.

The Road map is non-existent for the time being as we already know the sellout is pending! Unlike other NFT projects, we have had utilities from the get go! From free pizzas to NFTs and ETH giveaways, our discord is the place to be for crazy giveaways!

What we can tell you is this - this isn’t just any old NFT project! Yes the art is crazy, yes the ships and bots are completely game ready, yes we have an inbound 2D and 3D game. BUT, you are also joining a Club, we don't know what your destiny is but we can certainly tell you this is where you will find your F8TE, in an NFT community like no other!

The Club doors are already open to a select few, those who joined us in Wave 0. Our community is seen to be one of the most active and member driven in the space. We have an army of celebrities and respected influential people behind the project too, who along with our ever-expanding community, will drive our F8 Ships and F8 Bots to their final destination!

We will have plenty of exciting merch and things for everyone to show their F8 Bots and F8 Ships to the world! But more to the point of stuff you really want to know...

The F8 Club will be buying properties all around the globe for certain level NFT holders to visit absolutely free of charge (as long as you can get there - small surcharge for any guests you bring along).

The first of these properties will be the F8 Clubhouse, an INSANE villa in Dubai! Not only will we be hosting exclusive F8 events at the Clubhouse, this will also be diarised fairly amongst senior holders to use. (HODL BABY!) The best way to become a senior club member and experience all of these perks is to just simply stake, hodl and play the games, the longer you hold your NFTs the quicker you climb the ranks and the more senior you become!

As if the F8 Clubhouses aren’t crazy enough, at the end of the year we will even be buying one of our lucky loyal holders (6 month min holding) an amazing high-value property of their own, anywhere in the world!!

We could offer you a standard roadmap, but we aren't a standard Club! We are here to take over!



The F8 Club aspires to be the most community driven and exclusive project that the NFT space has ever seen. Become a part of the Club, and be first to know about new drops, gaming, F8 projects and insane giveaways! Join our discord today to seal your F8!



NFTs are best understood as unique digital assets, and they exist in a variety of industries from digital art and virtual real estate to collectibles, gaming and more. Basically, any type of media can be minted or tokenized and turned into an NFT: art, trading cards, memes, gifs, video clips, audio clips, tweets, this message — anything. Once tokenized, these assets can be bought, sold and traded using cryptocurrency. 

Minting NFT refers to the process of turning a digital file into a crypto collectible or digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital item or file is stored in this decentralized database or distributed ledger forever, and it is impossible to edit, modify, or delete it.

Ethereum wallets. Such as trustwallet and typically Metamask!

After you created your wallet you will just have to click on the button on the header of this page “connect your wallet” and make sure you are on the ethereum network.

Easy! Click ‘mint now’ only at:
Connect your Ethereum wallet and enjoy your exclusive and unique F8 Ship or F8 Bot!

You can use your F8 Club NFT as a profile picture online, or use as wallpaper. You can either hold your NFT to be able to access all F8 Club Utilities as a holder, and take part in the F8 Projects and events, or you can resell your F8 Club NFT for profit. In the near future, F8 NFTs will be utilised in a new play-to-earn game and metaverse experience. Those who mint or hold 1 F8 Ship NFT and 3 F8 Bot NFTs (must have a pilot, a mechanic and a weapons engineer) will be able to play the 3D game, while all holders will be able to play the 2D game. More information on the utilities and benefits of holding can be found on this website and in the roadmap!

Once you have minted a F8 Club NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your Ethereum Wallet to OpenSea.

Share your F8th with your family, friends, and any people passionate about gaming/ art/ investing into their future... Or anybody who's curious enough to join the Frontline of the Metaverse!
Instagram stories and reels, tweets, Tik Toks, YouTube shorts and videos... All social media mentions are appreciated and will often be shared to and by our super positive and active community! Remember, the more this project is nurtured and shared by our F8 Family, the more we can help our members and create projects to make the world a better place. Also we can add new utilities to our NFTs and bigger prizes in the giveaways too! The F8 Club is already one of the fastest growing communities the NFT world has ever seen!
Rule number 1 of The F8 Club: 'Always talk about The F8 Club!!’

Thank you for being part of this, or even your interest by reading the FAQs! We are here to help in any way and we will happily resolve any specific questions or hear your suggestions! Catch us on Instagram at @thef8club, on Twitter @thef8club too. If you want a faster reply or to enjoy the full experience of our community, join our discord!! Our mods and admins will happily help you either directly, or at one of our fun AMA podcasts with the CEOs (you might also even get a pizza delivered to your house, just for being a part of the club!)
Welcome The F8 Club!


The maximum $F8TE supply is 80,000,000,000 $F8TE.
(80 Billion)

  • 40,000,000,000 in Staking Rewards (50%)
  • 32,000,000,000 in Racing Rewards (40%)
  • 6,400,000,000 in Developer Allocations (8%)
  • 1,600,000,000 in Marketing & Advisor Allocations (2%)

Staked NFTs will earn 8,000 $F8TE per day.
All NFTs Staked for 8 Consecutive Days will earn an 8,000 $F8TE Bonus

  • 8 Days = 64,000 Staking Reward + 8,000 Bonus = 72,000 $F8TE
  • 30 Days = 240,000 Staking Reward + 24,000 Bonus = 264,000 $F8TE
  • 60 Days = 480,000 Staking Reward + 56,000 Bonus = 536,000 $F8TE
  • 90 Days = 720,000 Staking Reward + 88,000 Bonus = 808,000 $F8TE
  • 6 MO = 1,440,000 Staking Reward + 176,000 Bonus =1,616,000 $F8TE
  • 9 MO = 2,160,000 Staking Reward + 272,000 Bonus = 2,432,000 $F8TE
  • 12 MO = 2,920,000 Staking Reward + 360,000 Bonus = 3,280,000 $F8TE

There will be 8 Total Generations of Vehicles (first being ships). Each Generation will mint 6,000 new vehicles. Once all 8 Generations have been minted, the total supply of F8 vehicles in circulation will be 48,000.
66,000 NFTs Total

Next drops and first use of token for the next 4 generation details to be released shortly after.
The next 3 waves are as follows.

  • Gener8tion 1

    6,000 Gener8tion 1 vehicles will be made available via the following:

    • 4500: Available to mint for 72,000 $F8TE plus MINT cost
    • 750: Gifted to Gen 0 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 750: Made available via Dutch Auction (price determined via status of secondary market)

  • Gener8tion 2

    6,000 Gener8tion 2 vehicles will be made available via the following:

    • 4200: Available to mint for 144,000 $F8TE plus MINT cost
    • 600: Gifted to Gen 0 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 600: Gifted to Gen 1 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 600: Made available via Dutch Auction (price determined via status of secondary market)

  • Gener8tion 3

    6,000 Gener8tion 3 vehicles will be made available via the following:

    • 3600: Available to mint for 288,000 $F8TE MINT
    • 600: Gifted to Gen 0 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 600: Gifted to Gen 1 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 600: Gifted to Gen 2 collectors who have earned at least one 8-day stake reward bonus
    • 600: Made available via Dutch Auction (price determined via status of secondary market)